YAV Program Information and Fundraising


The Young Adult Volunteer program is a one year service opportunity offered by the Presbyterian Church USA. There are site placements throughout the world working with communities to end the root causes of poverty present. If you would like to learn more about the program, click on the link below to read up a little.

YAV Program

Part of the program requires that I raise funds to help cover the individual cost of travel, lodging and a basic living stipend. On top of that, there is a team fundraising goal to keep the program sustainable for the future. I have raised the minimum individual goal thanks to the kindness and generosity of donors like you, and I am extremely blessed to have that support. I strongly encourage, if you are able, to continue support in order to grow and encourage not only my personal volunteer support but that of the entire YAV program and the Korea site in Daejeon.

If you would like to donate, you can go to the “Donate Online” link below, read the cute little bio and click on the link on that page that says “Support William”, and then the “Make a Donation” link. You’ll be donating to Position 10 in Korea, which is my position. While you’re on the YAV website I recommend checking out all the other volunteers and seeing their stories, you won’t regret it. You can also donate to their years or sites if you feel so inclined. If the web ain’t your style you can send a check to the address below with my name and ECO number (it’s below the address next to my name) which works just as fine.

Donate Online


Presbyterian Church (USA)
Remittance Processing
P.O. Box 643700
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700

William Loder, E210910

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